How do you know a strategy is really failing?

How do you know a strategy is really failing?

This is funny. A lot of traders ask me: “How do I know for sure that a strategy is really failing?” Well, this is, of course, a legitimate question and yes, there are reliable and powerful techniques for that, which I share in the Breakout Strategies Masterclass. But...

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Why “fake it until you make it” is rubbish

Why “fake it until you make it” is rubbish

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a “fake dream”. On Facebook, there is so much fake news that it’s not even worth reading anymore. In Marbella, where I live, there are so many women with fake t!ts walking around, that nobody pays attention anymore... Like a...

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Can you cheat in trading?

Can you cheat in trading?

Yes, it’s true... when it comes to the markets, I’m a cheat. And with all honesty, I cheat a lot. It allows me to get ahead of other traders and literally take their money. But, I don’t call it “cheating” in front of others, because they may think badly of me, so I...

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The #1 reason you should never start with trading

The #1 reason you should never start with trading

Many people have dreams related to trading. Like driving a super-sport car or traveling the world, while their automated trading strategies make money for them. Yet, when they stumble on someone actually LIVING that dream, they say it's not possible and call him a...

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Why wanna be traders should work in McDonald’s first

Why wanna be traders should work in McDonald’s first

Last week I was sitting in McDonald’s, having an iced coffee and preparing a presentation for our latest hedge fund investment program. A guy sitting behind me noticed trading charts on my laptop screen, approached me and asked if I was a trader. I told him yes, and...

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The flow chart that changed my life

The flow chart that changed my life

About 10 years ago, I first started sharing my trading experiences with others. I was in the Czech Republic and I attended meetings with other traders. At these meetings, people would bring printouts of hundreds of trading charts to ask my opinion of their analysis or...

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"Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns."

David Breakout Trading Student

"Thank you Tomas and Andrew. I appreciate your honest transparency and commitment to excellence. This speaks volumes to your market and will place you well above the rest!"

Phil Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

"I recently bought the e-mini breakout course. Ton of value there! Just the lesson with the practical walkthrough of the smart code is worth the whole price of the course. Wow!

Also, I work in a large U.S. corporation, and I see a lot of presentations and training materials. The way the course was laid out and formatted is Top Notch and very professional."

Brian Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"Tom's approach to ATS design, tests of robustness and portfolio diversification is really unique."

Antonin Breakout Trading Student

"I've not even watched past module 3 and already I've found a solid use for Market Internals in my own trading system!
I'm really impressed by what I've tested already- I've been trading for nearly 11 years and I've never thought of using something so conceptually simple but so powerful"

Craig Market Internals Student

"I finished the masterclass in a few days. It is an excellent course and I wished I had that at the beginning of my trading adventure. I was impressed with how generous Tomas is with the know-how he passes on. I think anyone who trades mechanically will find lots of gems. Most of the traders don't have that level of automation and will be amazed to get a full methodology."

Thomas Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

"The Breakout Strategies Masterclass has without a doubt been a great investment for me already. I took the course in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially... I’ve read literally hundreds of books and took many courses on the markets and most of them failed to teach me a robust way to trade... Thank you Tomas for another great course."

Bruno Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

"Tomas, Andrew and their team put together a thought through, very well structured program. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to develop very robust strategies in many different markets."

Oliver Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

“I’ve been testing out the MI codes the last few days and just adding the mini-smart code and about 20 min of testing, my new results are a 54% reduction in drawdown!

Wonderful code and course. I really hope you guys release more on this particular topic.”

Alex Market Internals Student

I really like the Breakout Masterclass and it's a quite unique way in developing strategies.

Patrick Dütsch Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

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