Many people think that living from trading is difficult.


Not at all.

Yes, it’s a bit different to having a regular job. You certainly can’t rely on receiving a regular paycheck in your bank account every month, so you have to accept the reality of having some months with no salary and other months where it’s like Christmas day all over again!

But that’s more a case of planning accordingly and learning to be a bit wiser financially. (Hint: not spending all of your trading profits immediately but think a bit more longer-term).

The rest are mostly perks: Manage your own time, get your life back, be location independent and be able to make money in any circumstances (including economic crisis and global pandemics).

And the entire mechanism of making this happen is, in fact…


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In fact, so simple, that it can be put into 3 essential pillars.

Pillars that are PROVEN to work.

Pillars that can free you from your 9 to 5 job and make trading income a reality for you.

Pillars that are even pretty easy to implement. And these pillars are:


Now let me ask you:


Then here’s the great news:

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