Here's what other students are saying about the DPS program:

“Amazed about the concept/ideas presented.”

"I am already amazed about the concept/ideas presented in the introduction. I always filtered the trades completely out instead of simply down or upsizing them based on the probability. Already that one is simply great, especially to prevent curve fitting and still being in the game also on bad days!"

Christian, Switzerland 

“The DPS Course is FABULOUS!”

"The DPS Course is FABULOUS. I will implement the Dynamic Position Sizing code next week!"

Alan, United States 

“Another valuable tool in your trading toolbox.”

"Just finished the course yesterday, and I really do like all the Dynamic Position Sizing concepts! The simplicity and novelty of the concepts surprise time again and again. And yet they are very powerful. Another valuable tool in your trading toolbox."  

Patrick, Switzerland 

“Very impressive.”

"The course is very impressive.... the improvements in strategy results that you get are pretty amazing!"

Trevor, Australia 

“It is a great tool.”

"It is a great tool. You are taking position sizing to a new level and I can see why it is so crucial for your hedge fund."  

Thomas, New Zealand 

“Focused and original.”

"The Dynamic Position Sizing course is wonderful. Focused and original. I've started applying the DPS techniques to my incubating strategies and it’s awesome. It’s better than a filter since my total trade count doesn’t suffer and yet my average net profit per contract (in addition to Net profit vs Maximum Drawdown) improves."

Shiva, Canada 

“Thanks for another great course.”

"I think the Dynamic Position Sizing course is great. It is well laid out and very clear. Thanks for another great course."

Jim, USA 

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