From Michael Jackson to traders: You are not alone

From Michael Jackson to traders: You are not alone

This post is going to be sad. Really sad. If Michael Jackson was still alive today, he would have celebrated his 60th birthday last week. The King of the pop has been gone for a while - and that alone is sad already. His music was timeless. Even people who are not...

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Travel the trading world with me

Travel the trading world with me

There are two things in life you never say “NO” to. First, when your grandma asks you to taste her freshly baked homemade apple pie. And second, when a prestigious trading magazine with over 1.2 million readers from 174 countries asks you for an interview. Personally,...

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How my student lost 50,000 USD in a few weeks

How my student lost 50,000 USD in a few weeks

Yes, one of my students lost 50,000 USD. Yet, he is one of my best students ever. Here’s the thing: Some traders are people truly living on the edge. They live from adrenaline. And that was exactly this student of mine. He is a high-adrenaline guy. He's in perfect...

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Does less optimization inputs mean better strategies?

Does less optimization inputs mean better strategies?

Let me break a myth. The myth of ‘less is more’. The myth that a good trading strategy needs to be simple. Last week my hedge fund partner in charge of client acquisition had an important meeting. It was a meeting with the boss of the trading division of a big Czech...

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The surprisingly simple hack to 20% bigger trading profits

The surprisingly simple hack to 20% bigger trading profits

It’s almost unreal how a simple tweak can make a huge difference. Literally with a few minutes of work. I still remember how I first hit 220 meters (240 yards) with a golf ball because of a simple hack. It happened when I lived in Portugal, a golf paradise called...

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Is your trading cursed?

Is your trading cursed?

Do you sometimes feel like your trading is “cursed”? When I first started trading I felt like that every single day. Each time I started building things up and got close to switching from “demo” to “live”, I suddenly stopped. And instead of taking the step forward, I...

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