Quit to Win

Quit to Win

Without regular servicing and maintenance a car becomes unreliable, inefficient and can break down completely over time. Last week we shared how regular maintenance and reoptimization of trading strategies is also important for good performance,...

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Maintain to survive (and stay profitable)

Maintain to survive (and stay profitable)

Do you know what is one of the favorite hobbies in Europe? Having, and constantly improving small, cozy weekend houses (usually far away from the city). A calm sanctuary to spend our weekends and relax for the upcoming week. My parents had a small weekend house about...

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Market-beating lesson from a Karate World Champion

Market-beating lesson from a Karate World Champion

"A very thin line separates victory from defeat" - Ricardo Teixeira (Karate World Champion in 1993) Last year, we had the opportunity to meet the World Champion in Karate Shukokai, Ricardo Teixeira. In an amazingly inspiring speech of his outstanding achievement,...

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How to stay ahead of the trading game

How to stay ahead of the trading game

Have you ever tested or traded a strategy only to find it stopped working? Perhaps it’s a strategy from a book, website, forum or something you’ve heard about. Other traders can find out about the technique too, they start trading it and it very quickly stops working,...

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How do you know if a breakout is a fake?

How do you know if a breakout is a fake?

How do you know if a $5000 luxury watch that you just saw heavily discounted is an authentic one or a fake? Today, many fakes can be difficult to identify, so the truth is, in most cases you simply don't know. With trading breakout signals, it can be a...

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"The smart code and bonus material provided especially the robust trading strategies, are excellent accelerators into swing trading."

Joss Advanced Swing Strategies Student

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"Some books and courses you have to go through a large amount of material to find a couple of golden nuggets, whereas this course is full of practical trading tips and advice."

Arek Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"Compliments to the course. The videos were excellent."

Dean Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"As a programmer who has been fiddling with automated trading via AmiBroker and standalone Interactive Brokers API I kind of thought 'Oh well, another set of rules to program, might be interesting, may as well have a look'.

I was completely blown away by Tomas' automated strategy creation idea - so obvious in retrospect, but so clever.  Effectively optimizing the strategies rather than the parameters. Game-changer."

Dave Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns."

David Breakout Trading Student

“I started and completed the Swing Add-On course less than 1 month ago, and I have already discovered several viable robust strategies in fixed income markets.”

Brian Advanced Swing Strategies Student

"I am already amazed about the concept/ideas presented in the introduction. I always filtered the trades completely out instead of simply down or upsizing them based on the probability. Already that one is simply great, especially to prevent curve fitting and still being in the game also on bad days!"

Christian Dynamic Position Sizing Student

"Just finished the course yesterday, and I really do like all the Dynamic Position Sizing concepts! The simplicity and novelty of the concepts surprise time again and again. And yet they are very powerful.  Another valuable tool in your trading toolbox."

Patrick Dynamic Position Sizing Student

I really like the Breakout Masterclass and it's a quite unique way in developing strategies.

Patrick Dütsch Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

"The course is great and a complete "Hands-on" starting package. It covers all the main aspects to get you kick-started in the right direction."

Rick Emini Breakout Strategies Student

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