The flow chart that changed my life

The flow chart that changed my life

About 10 years ago, I first started sharing my trading experiences with others. I was in the Czech Republic and I attended meetings with other traders. At these meetings, people would bring printouts of hundreds of trading charts to ask my opinion of their analysis or...

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What’s wrong with this trading strategy?

What’s wrong with this trading strategy?

About 5 weeks ago I got a great trading lesson from my own hedge fund team. I've spent years “training” these exceptional guys. Sharing as much of trading experience and knowledge as I could with them, but now they’re training me! But before I share the story with...

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Who can you become in 14 days?

Who can you become in 14 days?

Who did you want to become when you were a kid? I always wanted to be a movie director. The next Steven Spielberg. So I studied at Film school and was making a living in the TV and movie industry for a while. But then I changed my mind and realized I wanted to become...

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What nobody will tell you about trading

What nobody will tell you about trading

There’s a dangerous disease that’s been plaguing hopeful traders for a long time now. It’s a serious issue that nobody really wants to talk about. Traders simply don’t want to hear it. So what is it? A lot of traders think they can make millions, (or at least tens or...

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What doesn’t kill you today may kill you tomorrow

What doesn’t kill you today may kill you tomorrow

Last week I stumbled on a quote on Instagram that made me laugh, as it reminded me of trading through drawdowns: I’ve been trading full-time for over a decade. Each time I have to face new drawdowns I want to believe that it will be EASIER to get through them... But...

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What frozen butts can teach us about trading

What frozen butts can teach us about trading

I was standing at the bottom of the mountain, looking up. There was a small group of snowboarders trying to make their way down the slope. But I could tell they were all beginners. None of them had any idea how to snowboard. They were basically sliding...

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Reduce False Breakouts

How to enter breakout trades at the RIGHT time with the 4-stage “BTA breakout timing pyramid”

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