3 proven ways to lose your trading account fast (1/3)

3 proven ways to lose your trading account fast (1/3)

Let’s do something a little bit different: I’m going to share 3 proven ways to become the worst possible trader ever. To lose your money fast. To feel truly beaten by the markets. And then feel deeply ashamed and humiliated. Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover what...

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You’re very likely smarter than me, yet…

You’re very likely smarter than me, yet…

There’s one thing I’m pretty much certain about: Most of you are very likely much smarter than me. Definitely at least in some areas. I realized this already when I used to give live trading masterclasses in the Czech Republic: I could not compete with many people...

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Making money in trading is easy and fun, but only if…

Making money in trading is easy and fun, but only if…

Making money in trading is fun and easy. Lots of traders may disagree, but it's true. Allow me to explain: More than a decade ago, I was struggling to be a consistently profitable trader. Of course, I had billions of reasons why this was happening. Things like an...

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Tick or time-based charts?

Tick or time-based charts?

Last week I received a good question from a reader of my personal trading blog SystemsOnTheRoad.com. In this email, a trader Kevin asks which chart is better: Time-based, or tick chart? First, let me share directly, that for most traders this question is not even...

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What’s your ‘final exit plan’?

What’s your ‘final exit plan’?

I’m seriously tired. Running a hedge fund is not fun. Not at all. Yes, we do have spectacular results so far. And new money is flowing into our hedge fund every month. Yet, I feel extremely exhausted. Fast growth is bringing up challenges we were not ready for. During...

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The surprising reason of financial no-results in trading

The surprising reason of financial no-results in trading

I’ll tell you a very surprising, yet very true reason why many people don’t make money in trading. There is a chance this reason applies to you too... But first, let me share something else with you. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to learning languages. And I mean...

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"As a programmer who has been fiddling with automated trading via AmiBroker and standalone Interactive Brokers API I kind of thought 'Oh well, another set of rules to program, might be interesting, may as well have a look'.

I was completely blown away by Tomas' automated strategy creation idea - so obvious in retrospect, but so clever.  Effectively optimizing the strategies rather than the parameters. Game-changer."

Dave Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"The course is great and a complete "Hands-on" starting package. It covers all the main aspects to get you kick-started in the right direction."

Rick Emini Breakout Strategies Student

"Everything that Tomas puts out is quality content. I own several of his courses and can say that the information and ideas are outstanding."

Sherif Trading Market Internals Student

"The Breakout Strategies Masterclass has without a doubt been a great investment for me already. I took the course in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially... I’ve read literally hundreds of books and took many courses on the markets and most of them failed to teach me a robust way to trade... Thank you Tomas for another great course."

Bruno Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

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"The DPS techniques are better than a filter since my total trade count doesn’t suffer and yet my average net profit per contract improves."

Shiva Dynamic Position Sizing Student

"The Swing Trading Course gave us the tools to create swing strategies within hours."

Alan Advanced Swing Strategies Student

"Thanks everyone for all the tips, and big thanks to Tomas & Andrew for getting this info out. I cannot imagine how much time (and money) these courses have saved me. Up until this point I had assumed a 10-year optimization (with 20% OOS) followed by a SWFA was adequate robustness testing to start trading a strategy live."

Nathan Breakout Strategies Masterclass Student

“Immediately after applying just the time filters from the ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ course, I achieved an absolutely massive improvement.”

Shawn Smashing False Breakouts Student

"I am already amazed about the concept/ideas presented in the introduction. I always filtered the trades completely out instead of simply down or upsizing them based on the probability. Already that one is simply great, especially to prevent curve fitting and still being in the game also on bad days!"

Christian Dynamic Position Sizing Student

"The course is very impressive.... the improvements in strategy results that you get are pretty amazing!"

Trevor Dynamic Position Sizing Student

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